Welcome to Jade of India, the world of scrumptious Tandoori Kebabs, delectable South and North Indian Curries, Indian Breads and tantalizing Indian Chinese cuisine that will leave you spellbound.

Browse through our carefully designed menu, offering traditional favorites and innovative new dishes that combine the different flavors of India. Interestingly, Indian Chinese cuisine, originating from the Eastern city of Kolkata, has its roots in China. Immigrants from China, who settled down in Kolkata, started Chinese restaurants, serving food with a Hakka-Szechuan influence, tailored for the Indian palate. This has become popular as Indian Chinese cuisine, all over India, now being served in Jade, prepared by chefs highly trained in this cuisine.

‘You can call us for your catering enquiries at 8181 8207 and for Home Delivery at 6297 2927’

Our Menu